We evaluate consignments between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

We no longer accept drop-offs outside of the consignment desk hours, unless you would like for us to donate anything we would pass on.

We evaluate consignments in the order we receive them, so it depends on how many orders are ahead of you. Typically, the wait time is between 10-40 minutes.

Your items don’t need to be hanging necessarily, although that is preferred. They do need to be clean and neatly folded in a basket or bag. We prefer they not be brought in trash bags. If the items are not clean or if they are excessively wrinkled, they will not be accepted.

Post-COVID, we are not accepting as much career wear. A shift in buying patterns has led to us offering more casual separates.

We do not accept Men’s clothing, but we will consider Men’s designer accessories such as wallets, leather goods, ties, watches, and things of that nature.

Our consignment team evaluates the designer items and, if an item is suspected of being faux, we request a proof of purchase from the consignor. If the consignor cannot provide one, we do not accept the item. For certain brands, we use Entrupy to authenticate high-end handbags, and they will come with a certificate.

We can authenticate it for you for a fee. We charge $30 for authentication. If you decide to consign the item and it sells, we will split the cost with you, so it is only $15.

There are several reasons we may pass on your items, including if they are out of season, too dated, not in style, too worn, damaged, not a brand we carry, not a price point we can support, etc. Often, if none of these apply, it is because our stock level is too high for the item you are offering. We get a lot of popular mall brands and sometimes cannot accept them all simply due to space restraints.

Typically, we price merchandise at 30-40% of the original retail price. But certain brands/items have a higher or lower resale value, so we price accordingly. Our goal is to get the best price we can for us both.

No, we are strictly consignment. We do a two-month consignment period and a 50/50 split at the time of sale.

We do not contact you about your consignment account. You can monitor your account balance online at It is up to you to contact us about what you would like to do at the end of your consignment period with your unsold items. If you would like us to donate your unsold items, there is no need to contact us.

You always have the option to retrieve your unsold items, we just require you call us at least a day ahead of time before picking them up so that we can locate them and remove them from our inventory system. If you do not call to retrieve them, they become property of the store. Typically, we leave them on the floor for an additional week or two, at which point they may be further discounted and sold or donated.

We work with several community organizations, like Cornerstone Church, Faith Ministries, Fairy Goodmothers, In Christy’s Shoes, Dress for Success, and Ronald McDonald House.

You can! We will have you pick up the item at the time it expires, but you are welcome to bring it back a couple of weeks later and we will reevaluate it at that time.

At the time of this questionnaire, we had 13,226 items for sale in the store, but right now we are a little light 🙂

After it has been here for four weeks, and then again at six weeks.

We hold most items until end of business the following day we are open. The exception to that is we do not hold handbags that are over $45. We also do not hold items that are considered “hot ticket items,” meaning there is a waiting list for it (this would include items like Gucci and LV belts). We will hold items that are featured in our online shop, but if that item were to sell while it was on hold for you, we would honor the online sale.

All sales are final.

For a layaway, we require 50% of the sale price at the time of purchase. Our layaway period is for one month. After a month, if you have not made any additional payments or picked it up, it is subject to be returned to stock.

You can make a payment over the phone with a credit card, or using your consignment cash, and we will hold your purchase until you can make it into the shop.

To place something in layaway, you are required to put 50% of the sale price down at the time. If you change your mind, we will return the item to stock, but you will lose your deposit.

“Fancy little treasures at a not so fancy price.”


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